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Re: VisaCash security.

<[email protected]> wrote:

>        I think the Visa stuff is basically stored value and
>rechargeable smart cards, not really ecash type money.  Supposedly
>you'll be able to get a card with $10 or $20 on it and all the
>vending machines and phones around the Olympic venues will be set
>up to take the cards.  So to answer your questions, no it's not really
>digital cash (like ecash); and yes I think it's probably traceable
>to some extent (unless you buy stored value cards w/paper cash).
>        First Union, the bank selling the cards, has a page on them:
>        Low on the technical info, but they give an address to mail
>questions to.

A couple of weeks ago I was giving a talk at a conferance on
computer technology in financial applications in Stockholm.
I mentioned VISA:s electronic purse 'Smart Cash' in my talk
and during the break afterwards a representative from a danish
bank told me that VISA:s 'Smart Cash' was actually bought from
the danish purse/project 'Danmont'. Does anyone know the truth
of this, please let me know.

/Lars Johansson
[email protected]