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Re: your mail

Christopher J. Shaulis enscribed thusly:

> My mail??

> Who is the wise guy who keeps putting "Your mail" in the topic?

	Kidding, right?  Snicker.

	It's not a who - it's a what.  Some twit DID NOT put a subject on the
ORIGINAL message.  The next person(s) who replied to him had a mail program
which recognized the lack of a "Subject" and substituted "Your mail".  That
beats a subject line of "Subect: Re:"...

	Actually and technically they don't bother to "spot" the lack of
a Subject.  The programs set their default subject for replys to "Your mail"
and then if the read a Subject header, it overrides the default.  I know
elm does and I believe pine does, as well as a host of others.  

	Works well for personal mail even if it does look STUPID on a
mailing list.  Only known cure is to make sure you have a REAL SUBJECT.

> Christopher

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