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Re: Globally legal Netscape

[email protected] (Dr. Frederick B. Cohen) writes:
> 	- The Russian revolution resulted in purges killing hundreds of
> 	thousands of innocent people because of their private, turned
> 	public, views as expoused in their private writings.

Correction: tens of millions were killed (including my great-grandfather).

> 	- The Soviet government took away personal privacy to keep their
> 	stranglehold on their people.

It's interesting to note that the democratic Russian government banned
all unlicenced cryptography this year. (I posted the translation of
Yeltsin's decreee to this list).

> 	- The Germans under Hitler used personal records to identify and
> 	murder millions of Jews and other peoples.

One conspiciously absent example: the Roosevelt administration used the
census data (supposedly confidential) to ferret out persons of Japanese
descent, who were then sent to concentration camps.


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