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Re: Jim Clark, "Mr. Bubble"

On Sun, 3 Dec 1995 21:55:09 +0100, you wrote:

>Alex Strasheim:
>>  >       1     Make illegal software available by FTP
>>  >       2     Explain it's doing so because ITAR is bullshit
>>  >       3     Face the gov't down in the press and in the courts 
>>  Go for it.  We're behind you 100%.
>      If I were worth billions, if I were the sparkle on the high-tech
>bubble, if I had a Major hand in engineering crucial protocols, if my
>company were so young that it hadn't yet had time to bog down in business
>as usual, I think I probably would. That's a lot of Big talk and a lot of
>Ifs, ain't it? But that's how it goes: I doubt he -- or anyone else --
>would give as much to my LDF as I gave to his (chump change, but more than
>I could afford).
>      Clark should ask himself what Rabbi Akiva put best: 
>      If not me, who?
>      If not now, when?
>      I do my small part, in my small way; he can do his big part, in his
>big way. One thing scares the spooks more than what they oppose:

You have just proven your self to be a hypocrite.  If you expect of
others more than you expect of your self, you need to reevaluate your
own life.  If you are not willing to risk your life, fortune, and
reputation on your beliefs, how can you expect Mr. Clark or anyone
else to do the same.

Dan Weinstein
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"I understand by 'freedom of Spirit' something quite definite -
the unconditional will to say No, where it is dangerous to say
           Friedrich Nietzsche