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Someone posing as Alice said:
> As I promised, I've now opened a channel so that anyone who wants to
> can send Alice de 'nonymous email.  I can now be reached via
> [email protected]  Mail sent to Alice de 'nonymous at that
> address will get to me, and I will do my best to reply to you as well,
> but I can't guarantee, anything.

Laszlo Vecsey <[email protected]> said:

> I don't think that was a smart thing to do. Your real email is now 
> registered in some database in Finland - how difficult would it be to 
> retrieve it? From what I remember organizations like Scientology had no 

Not _nearly_ as hard as breaking/finding an appropriately encrypted key.

I for one am not going to even bother with the penet address unless the
posts come from there. After all, it's a forgery anyway. The real Alice
already posted a PGP key. I wouldn't be reading this list if I were
going to fall over for a simple impersonation.

Of course, if our impersonating, trusts-penet-not-PGP-coworkers-think-
of-everything-but-a-packet-sniffer Alice were to post from penet,
then everyone (including procmail ;) would have to believe his claims
of pseudo-identity.

I must say, L.D. is really falling all over himself this time. Maybe
he's just trying to make people *think* he's a cryptobungler, so that he
can keep his other tentacles with whom he converses out of suspicion.


Wishing Emacs had IMAP support cuz here comes mailcrypt