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Re: Diskless "Eunuchs" Machines Likely to Fail

12 03 95 Edupage reports: 
Sun Microsystems is already working on a microkernel-like operating 
system to run low-tech "Internet appliances."  Dubbed Java OS, Sun's 
chief technical officer Eric Schmidt calls it the "natural next step" 
for Java.
The new software will "take the Java classes and put them on the mini- 
mum OS functionality you need.  You can add additional functionality 
by writing in Java," he says.  It will require only 4 to 8 Mbytes of 
memory, and will not support Windows applications or other programs 
that make large demands on system memory. 
"This thing doesn't come with Sound Blaster and speakers.  If you need 
a PC, buy a PC," says Schmidt. 
                                     (Information Week 4 Dec 95 p104) 
The condescending tone illustrates the points made by [email protected] 
on 11 30 95: 
 It seems that many corporate types are fixated on the idea of tractable
 and predictable consumers. 
 The approach to understanding the actual dynamics of why people are and
 will increasingly come into this space and what they will want to do
 once they get there is deficient for many. 
 Others are puzzled, or are overtly threatened by the idea of potential 
 consumer's who are also content producers.