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Re: info?

On  3 Dec 95 at 22:28, [email protected] wrote:

> Can you send me information about your organization?
>  --Joseph Miranda

Sure, Joe! We were founded several thousand years ago, have had chapters in virtually all societies and cultures beyond the truly primitive ones. Some of our members founded the United States of America some time back -- maybe you've heard of it? We have initiation rites that often involve learning arcane and complex formulae from thick books, we have secret handshakes, decoder rings, and we often like to roast our victims over a slow fire. There's hardly anything that goes on in the world that our members don't affect, and still, the society at large doesn't really know we're here. If you're looking for a secret cabal well, gee, you've come to the right place!

If you'd like an interesting and colorful brochure containing all the details and benefits of membership, just pick up the phone, call your mother, and ask for one!

Thank you for inquiring about the International Gourmet Cooking Society!

Salsa Sam