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   12-4-95. W$Jabber:

   "Microsoft Probe Spurs Subpoenas Tied to Internet.
   Antitrust Effort Appears Focused on Windows 95 Disabled
   Rival Software."

      The subpoenas indicate that Justice Department officials
      are focusing on whether Microsoft's Windows 95 and
      related Internet software improperly disable rival
      programs that let users access the Internet. Industry
      executives said the Justice Department has issued "civil
      investigative demands" to Netscape and CompuServe.

      The subpoena issued to Netscape may be of particular
      significance. In the estimate of Netscape and industry
      observers, roughly 80% of World Wide Web users, a
      population pegged at more than 17 million, use
      Netscape's software. Because of that presence, even if
      Netscape were alone in having its software disabled by
      Microsoft's new products, "I would say Netscape would
      have a cause of action and that the Justice Department
      would have a basis to investigate or bring an action,"
      said Garret Rasmussen, an antitrust lawyer.

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