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Re: [POINTER:] Crypto Articles in Dr. Jobbs Journal

Sorry for the brain fart.  I've been up without sleep for a very long
time...  Ever since I attempted to attend the Austin CP meeting which
didn't take place, then I was in Dallas most of yesterday and last night.

I am running on nicotine, caphine, and....  Its *Dr. Dobbs 
Journal.*  Appologies to the publishers and for those who are sending
me corrections...

> For non Dr. Jobbs subscribers:
> Dr. Jobbs Journal has several articles on encryption,
> including an article by Ian and Dave on the Netscape crack, multiple 
> encryption, and using MD5 for passwords.
> Also, there is a very interesting article by the author of Applied
> Cryptography (the Big Mac himself), looking at differential and linear
> cryptoanalysis of the DES algorithm.
> There are also some compression articles as well.