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Re: Meeting notes from ANSI X.9 Meeting on Electronic Payment

  [email protected] (Robert Hettinga)  writes:
>>        It doesn't appear that these people seem to care about
>>  cash-like anonymous token-based payment schemes. Is that a valid
>>  assesment? What is needed to make these people start caring about
>>  that?
> My guess is, they won't. Ever.
> <Elmer Gantry [snip]>

Reality check.

Accountants _know_ how to do books that deal with cash.
Most small business keep their books on a cash basis.
Cash was how the world worked until recently.

Accountants know how to meet acceptable auditing standards when
transactions are in cash. I learned this from the CPA I live

Seems to me this list doesn't have enough folks with a grounding in
non-technical issues. Until the last 30+ years, the world lived
on cash. I like cash. I assume I'll like electronic cash once
people remember what cash is and model it correctly.

Got to to get my beauty sleep before tomorrow's GAK export meeting...

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