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New version of SSL 3.0

SSL 3.0 protocol has been substantially changed from earlier drafts to
fix a number of performance and cyrptographic issues. The latest version
can be found as PostScript in a compressed tar file on


where <N> is a digit in the range [2-8]. An HTML version should be
available in a day or two. I will post the URL when that happens.

Netscape is also in the process of submitting this draft to IETF.

Questions and comments about this specification should all be directed
to [email protected] Answers and replies will be posted there. We
are quite interested in your feedback.

As new eyes see the spec for the first time, I suspect that we will be
notified about typos and areas that are not as clear as they should be.
As a result, there will probably be an update in 2 weeks or so.

Philip L. Karlton		[email protected]
Principal Curmudgeon		http://www.netscape.com/people/karlton
Netscape Communications