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Re: GAK Flap Happening at a Good Time--Journalists Read!

James A. Donald wrote:
> At 12:19 AM 12/4/95 GMT, Dan Weinstein wrote:
> >I see, you cannot say that they are really supporting GAK based upon
> >the actual statements made, so you simply assert it.
> You cannot say they oppose it either.  Jim Clark speaks about
> GAK using mostly pleasant sounding favorable words.
> Let me hear him talk about GAK using plain words.
> >Now given point B, I see no reason to expect that they would in the
> >past have done much more than they have.  Given point C, I see they
> >are currently expanding their lobbying.
> I do not see that they are currently expanding their lobbying:  Indeed
> I do not see that they are currently lobbying.
> >I sent a message to Netscape after reading the article that started
> >this,  It simply stated that I wanted clarification on their position
> >on GAK and that if they were to support it they would lose a loyal
> >customer.  I have since been convinced by Jeff Weinstein's posts to
> >this list that the company does not support GAK, and in fact they
> >oppose it.
> I have been convinced that Jeff Weinstein opposes GAK
> If his policy represents company policy then I hope to hear
> a similar statement signed authoritatively.
> I have not seen that yet.

  It is coming.  It may take a few days because many of the
people involved are travelling over the next few days.  I will
send something to the list as soon as possible.


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