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Re: Info on Netscape's key escrow position

On 12 02 95 you pointed to: 
   ...an underlying problem, which is of not having a sense 
   of freedom to stand up to the Dark Side. 
You have put your finger on perhaps THE problem: Why did 
we cast aside our sense of freedom?  How may we re-ignite 
the spirit of freedom? 
I believe excerpts from a newsstory in today's Electronic 
Telegraph provide a hint regarding the first question: 
   JOHN Major and Lord Taylor, the Lord Chief Justice, are to 
   have informal talks at No 10 Downing Street in an attempt 
   to avert a deepening rift between Government and judiciary. 
   The meeting has been arranged following concern over the 
   number of adverse court judgments against ministerial de- 
   cisions and mounting opposition by judges to plans by Mi- 
   chael Howard, the Home Secretary, to impose tougher man- 
   datory sentences on habitual criminals. 
   It was being emphasised in Whitehall last night that the in- 
   formal meeting was intended to explore ways of improving 
   relations. It was in no sense an attempt to put pressure on 
   the judges. 
   It emerged last night that Mr Major and Lord Taylor are like- 
   ly to discuss ways of increasing the pay of the judiciary. 
   Senior judges are said to be aggrieved that their salaries 
   have fallen behind. 
In no sense is one part of the the State putting pressure on 
another part of the State... 
Through every sense, the populace is trained to appreciate 
the justice of 
             not having a sense of freedom to stand up 
Except at the pay window. 
             The URL of The Electronic Telegraph's website is: 
             The newsstory's headlined: "Pay and peace talks 
             for judges."  Its online filename is: 1judge05.html. 
             It's dated 12 05 95. 
             The story was written by: GEORGE JONES and 
             TERENCE SHAW.