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Re: ANNOUNCE: December 9th: Bay Area Cypherpunks Meeting and Party

At 12:32 PM 12/5/95, Eric Messick wrote:
>Bay Area Cypherpunks Meeting and Party
>Saturday December 9th, 1995
>What: Cypherpunks Meeting and Party
>When: Saturday December 9th, 4pm - ???
>Who:  You.
>Where: Our dome in the Santa Cruz Mountains
>We'll be providing some drinks and snacks.  Please feel free to bring
>other consumables.

Heh. I'm still sorry I'll be missing this. I'm sadly going to be up in
Chicago that weekend getting ready for an internet security conference.

Since, I'm CC:ing this to the list, is anyone else going to be at 'Securing
Electronic Commerce on the Internet?' Thought it might be interesting to
dive out for dinner some evening with a few other Cpunk.


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