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re: NIST GAK export meeting, sv

At 3:35 AM 12/6/95, Anonymous wrote:

>Tim May 12/5/95 6:25 PM:

>>One "defensible" (and maybe even good) reason is because someone with
>>government clearance can then be prosecuted for leaking what they know,
>>whereas ordinary citizens are harder to prosecute for this. I doubt this is
>>the main reason, but it makes a certain kind of sense.
>      Nice point, though I too doubt that's the reason: if *every* agent
>needed to be cleared, then this clearance stipulation would serve nicely,
>but if only *one* at every escrow agency needs to be cleared...

No, I didn't make that basic a logical blunder. What I was thinking, even
if I didn't go into it, is that the "cleared" agent would be the one within
the office who would actually handle the surveillance.

But I do think the more basic reason is really that the intelligence
agencies want a direct channel to "their" guy.

I'm really pleased to hear about the 20% attendance. Nothing trivializes a
program more than being ignored.

--Tim May

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