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Re: Solution for US/Foreign Software?

jim bell proposes "crypto hooks":

>1.  Write a program with limited encryption (40 bit?), with the encryption
>module in a file external to the  main program.
>2.  Get export approval for this program.
>3.  Write a module which replaces the encryption file, increasing key size
>to whatever you REALLY wanted in the first place.  (128-bit IDEA, 2000-bit
>PGP, etc.)
>4.  Ship that new module with the old software to US customers.
>Naturally, that new module will "leak," so anybody who buys the old
>program out of the country can convert to a fully-functional version by
>downloading it from a foreign bbs that just happens to have it.  The
>module can be encrypted/signed by the manufacturer so everyone can be sure
>of its identity and genuineness.
>Better than nothing, I suppose.

"Crypto hooks," basically the scheme you are proposing, were thought of by
the authorities and are not a bypass of the crypto export laws.

--Tim May

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