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NSA flying disk follow-up [Extremely Frivolous]

I spoke with Dennis Cisco at the NSA today, and he is
unwilling to sell or otherwise distribute the NSA flying
disk promotional items "except at trade shows where we
are promoting our technology transfer program." Since they
are not planning on attending any such conferences in my
area in the near future, it is unlikely I'll be able to help
any of the (numerous) people who expressed an interest in
obtaining one of these fine flying disks.

If you'd care to discuss this matter with Mr. Cisco yourself,
he can be reached at: (301) 688 0701. Note that this is in
Maryland. Also, the (301) 688 0606 number listed on the frisbee
seems to be either always busy or not answered -- I'm assuming
it's the # for the NSA tech transfer office.

Please let me know if any of you have better luck.