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Java questions

There has been a lot of discussion on coderpunks about implementing 
cryptography in Java.  This got me thinking.  We don't see 
every C++ compiler using the same back end.  So why is 
everyone licensing Sun's Java implementation?  As a consequence of
this if there is a bug in Sun's implementation, then that bug 
exists in every Java implementation.  Imagine a future scenario 
where a virus/worm takes advantage of a single Java bug and 
infects 90% of all computers attached to the Internet overnight.
There may not be much we can do about this, but we should at 
least be more aware of the possibility.
On a more positive note, has anyone thought of writting a 
remailer server or client in Java?  It would be really nice if we 
could run or use a remailer by clicking a link on the web.
Wei Dai