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Re: SNI_ffs

Excerpts from internet.cypherpunks: 30-Mar-96 SNI_ffs  by John
[email protected] 
>    3-30-96 TWP reports on an Argentinian hacker who penetrated
>    a slew of sensitive networks and how the FBI tracked him by
>    getting a warrant to run a sniffer-filter at Harvard, the
>    POE.
>    The hacker's dad, a Lt. Col., barks, "The Yankees don't
>    have the slightest idea about security. If a kid can enter,
>    they should be ashamed to admit it."

My panel at CFP had a former and a current AUSA on it, and we were
chatting before it started. They were quite proud of this bust and
saw it as an example of a "civil liberties friendly" investigation
they can hold up to rebut charges of violation of due process, illegal
wiretaps, and so on. (Both DoJers were involved in this case, which
was handled by the Boston office.)

One gave me the impression the DoJ had to develop custom hardware and
software for this "Internet wiretap" done without Harvard's direct