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Re: Encrypted file systems

On Jul 14, 12:48, Adam Back wrote:
> Subject: Encrypted file systems
> - Encrypted file system located in a file in another file system 
>   (much like DOS stacker drives) this is an ease of use criteria -- I
>   suspect re-partitioning drives would put off many potential users.

There are a couple of advantages to this sort of approach (i.e. 
having the encrypted filesystem live in file(s) on an ordinary 
filesystem) other than ease of use. 

1. Backups are easy. One can use whatever backup software one normally

2. The encrypted filesystem can actually live on a remote file server 
with data being encrypted/decrypted on the fly on the local host. (of 
course, you have to consider the security risks that you get from 
being on a network). 

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