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Re: Moscowchannel.com hack

snow wrote:
> On Sat, 31 Aug 1996, Joel McNamara wrote:
> > Not really crypto, but related to the DOJ hack in a way.
> > 
> > Moscow Channel is a pretty slick, Russian news/commentary page.  Their Web
> > site was hacked and altered by someone who didn't seem to like Russians all
> > Just a matter of time before some builds a dedicated Satan type tool that
> > scans for  HTTP server holes or messed up file permissions to make locating
> > potential victims easy.
> Write your web site to a CD-ROM and hard-code the base directory into the
> webserver.

A hacker who has root can forcibly unmount the cdrom and mount another
directory on that node. Not a good solution.

	- Igor.