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Re: anon.penet.fi: URGENT REQUEST

! I wish to gauge the response on something here:
! Following the closure of the anon.penet.fi remailer:
! If I can get enough funding to cover all expenses (I am a student and 
! cannot unfortunately contribute much myself) I will install lines and 
! hardware at my premises and run the equivalent to the anon.penet.fi 
! remailer.
! I don`t know what the response to this will be, I need approximately 
! 5000 UK pounds to set up such an operation (Yes, a leased line really 
! does cost that much in the UK) and then a monthly income of around 
! 3000 UK pounds.

No way, dude.  You can run even an unrestricted T1 here for quite a bit
less than 3000.  All you need though, is a flat rate dedicated 28,800 
modem connection, which has a monthly fee of about 50-100, but we're a
little spoiled in the Bay Area.  Whatever the fees are there, you could
put up something pretty cool as a free server, and perhaps also figure
out a way to sell the excess bandwidth at a profit.

Whatever you do, stick to one of the unices like linux.  Our brief 
experiences with trying to make Windows 3.0 and Win95 useful convinced us
that nothing good can come from Micro$oft.

We're planning on starting a modem server as soon as we can get our hardware
BS problems sorted out.  We'll try installing the cypher punk goodies like
Mixmaster.  We're planning on a 100% open server that can be telnet 'ed 
into so we can be open to suggestions to improve security and solicit