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Re: Bob Dole is on Drugs

! http://allpolitics.com/news/9608/31/radio.addresses/
! ... snip ...
!    Dole, who returned to Washington for Labor Day
!    weekend, also pledged to use the White House as a
!    bully pulpit to promote the "moral message"
!    against drugs and to criticize what he called the
!    entertainment industry's glamorization of drug use.
!    On Sunday, he is to address the convention of the
!    National Guard Association of the United States
!    during which he's expected to propose that the
!    military be enlisted to assist in a renewed war on
!    drugs. 

So why didn't you support Pat Buchanan for president, the ONLY 
candidate to support even a partial legalization of marijuana?  Speaking
of legalizing drugs, wouldn't it be a good tactic to demand the absolute
legalization of ALL drugs?  The compromise eventually to follow would be 
a vast improvement over the status quo.

I'm voting Libertarian, and thinking of registering as such, even though
I can't stand their capitalist economics, they stand by allowing people
to organize and speak out against the very ideals that allowed them to
do such.  Our government is so corrupt, swinging a figurative axe against
it could very well lead to improvement.