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Re: Los Angeles Times article on Helsingius and anon.penet.fi

On Sat, 31 Aug 1996, Declan McCullagh wrote:

> The attached article was reposted to fight-censorship with the permission
> of the Los Angeles Times, which ran it on the front page today. 
> Note Esther Dyson's comments:
>          "The damage that can be done by anonymity is far bigger" than in
>    any other medium, said Esther Dyson, chairwoman of the Electronic
>    Frontier Foundation. "In the end, you need to be able to get at
>    somebody's identity to enforce accountability, and the question is how
>    do you also enforce freedom of speech and freedom from prosecution for
>    unpopular opinions."

Is this _really_ the EFF policy on anonymopus remailers??

I will check with our local version of the EFF and see what they have to say.

If the EFF is not for anonymity it needs to be publicised. Perhaps the 
EFF has been in bed with the political pigs too long. *OINK*

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