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Re: Moscowchannel.com hack

Mark M. wrote:
> > A hacker who has root can forcibly unmount the cdrom and mount another
> > directory on that node. Not a good solution.
> As soon as the sysadmin finds out, said directory can be unmounted and CD-ROM
> device can be remounted.  Besides, if someone manages to get root access on any
> machine, the sysadmin of that machine is basically screwed anyway.  It's much
> better than having to back up the web page on a tape and having to restore the
> data when it is altered.

It depends on the ratio 

   R = (frequency of legit Web page changes) / (frequency of breakins 
                                                * cost of a breakin).

The lower is R, the more what you say makes sense. I suspect that 
in the real world R is rather high.

	- Igor.