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Re: It is good that anon.penet.fi has been closed!

Mark M. wrote:
> On Sun, 1 Sep 1996, Igor Chudov @ home wrote:
> > Yes, subject says it all. anon.penet.fi was a whole lot worse than
> > cypherpunks remailers. It provided clueless users with no real security,
> It also provided anonymity to many people who needed it.  I think that many
> people who need anonymity will probably just learn faking mail and news
> headers.  Many people just don't want to deal with cpunk remailers.  OTOH, I
> agree that this might actually force many people with Penet addresses to learn
> about more secure remailers.  In this way, the closing of anon.penet.fi could
> be looked upon as a Good Thing.  However, as long as there is no easy way for
> Windoze and Mac users to use secure remailers, users will sooner resort to
> fake-mailing then learning how to use cpunk remailers.  People that need a
> pseudonym address to use on various support groups can get them from other,
> equally insecure, remailers.

I believe that Private Idaho is a cypherpunks remailer client for Windows.

	- Igor.