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Re: HAZ-MAT virus

First, the HAZ-MAT is a polymorphic virus. It is not run by any data file 
(GIF, JPG or otherwise).

Second. I had a private message sentto me from someone who suffered at 
the hands of this virus and described the effects. From the description 
it indicates the use of a possible boot or hidden sector residency with 
low level ATA-3 command capability to zap IDE drives. This is nothing 
new, or magical. 

Third. The HAZ-MAT virus has been documented to have been transported via 
a rogue copy of EudoraPro in zip format, plus one other EXE (non-image 

This is not spam, just facts...

On Sun, 1 Sep 1996, kickboxer wrote:

> I do not know how it is run by the JPG and GIF files, but I do know that the
> code somehow loads into the image viewer itself..I am not sure how it works,
> just that it is very destructive.. I had it destroy my 486 (using Lview Pro)
> Oh, well, ENOUGH already.  if you have something to say that is related to
> "image files cant execute a virus" please do not. there are too many spams
> with those ideas out now