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Re: anon.penet.fi: URGENT REQUEST


> ! on a dedicated 28.8 PPP line. The cheapest used VGA display from 
> ! the nearby waste dump will work just fine. 
> Hell, any monitor should work!  I'm curious about how to go about 
> acquiring one of those huge 100+ x 100+ charactor terminals that linux 
> supports.  Is it practical, cheap and readable?

If you mean something like a 132x60 character terminal, you can get a
utility from Sunsite called SVGATextMode which will do that for you on a
standard VGA monitor, provided you have a graphics card which supports such 
a mode. I have an STB Nitro 2MB ISA card, and am running a 132x60 mode on a
14 inch monitor.

> ln -s /dev/null /usr/postmaster
> ln -s /dev/null /usr/abuse

I think you mean /usr/spool/mail/postmaster, but I could be wrong. ;)

> That should filter the mail quite nicely!  :->

Indeed. :)
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