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On Sat, 31 Aug 1996 23:41:58 -0700, Alan Olsen wrote:

>>        There is a new and VERY dangerous virus called the HAZ-MAT virus!

>This is the clueless kind of crap I expect pitched to AOL users and upper
>level management.

>The only way that you could obtain the effects described above is with Black
>Magic and/or Voodoo.  (And not even then.)
>I remember a similar hoax going around about 3-4 years ago about viruses in
>image files.  I guess nothing on the net is ever forgotten entirely.
>Especially the urban legends and bullshit.

You ever notice how that is?  People *never* remember things like "You have to
execute something to get a virus".  They *always* remember something like "Good
Times."   Reminds me of the guy who said you could stick all sorts of sensitive
data in README.TXT because you can be sure nobody will look in there.

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