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Re: It is good that anon.penet.fi has been closed!

> headers.  Many people just don't want to deal with cpunk remailers.  OTOH, I
> agree that this might actually force many people with Penet addresses to learn
> about more secure remailers.  In this way, the closing of anon.penet.fi could
> be looked upon as a Good Thing.  However, as long as there is no easy way for
> Windoze and Mac users to use secure remailers, users will sooner resort to
> fake-mailing then learning how to use cpunk remailers.  People that need a
> pseudonym address to use on various support groups can get them from other,
> equally insecure, remailers.

I've put up a list of remailer front ends, sorted by platform, at


I welcome all additions. Right now, I have links to Private Idaho (Windows),
Yet Another NewsWatcher (Mac), and PGPMR/2 for OS/2 (requires MailReader/2).

Nym servers and cpunk remailers are poised to take off, if those who wish to
use them are capable of learning. The rest of us can either try to teach 'em
in a non-condescending manner, or continue to work on front end utilities.

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