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Educating former anon.penet.fi users about other remailers

I've gotten about 5 messages from [email protected]
telling me that the remailer is closed; don't know if they're
from various previous identities, or if they're from
postings to mailing lists with anonymous people on them, or whatever.

If somebody were to put together a one-page note on other remailers,
would it make sense to send it to all the penet.fi users?
A canonical cypherpunks approach would be to just write one and
send it to [email protected] ..... [email protected],
but I assume either my system or Julf's would decide it was spam
and discard it (even if it were split up into 60,000 10-message chunks.)
The press release on www.penet.fi does contain pointers to the FAQs,
but people have to go looking for that.  On the other hand,
if there are an extra 10,000 hits per day on alpha.c2.org
because of a really well-written one-page blurb, can it handle the load?

#			Thanks;  Bill
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