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The AI-who???

An admittedly leftist interpretation of recent Alaskan electorial events, for those fans of the Alaskan Independance Party...

Bob Hettinga

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Subject: The AI-who???
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  Okay, okay...I know everyone has been sitting on the edge of their 
privy seats wondering how the Rent-A-Party (aka "The Sub-Arctic Titanic 
of Politics") fared in the recent primaries here in the Interior, so here 
  Now, keep something in mind as you read these results:  the Interior is 
the heart of the Rent-A-Party.  Der Fuhrer Vogel "graced" us with his 
presence and as the infirmities of advancing age took their toll, he 
devised the party back in the mid-70's here in the Interior.  So...you 
should think the bastion, the stronghold, Yea, Brethren and Sistren!, the 
very for-r-r-r-rtress of AIP-ity would be...the INTERIOR!
  The AIP fielded 1 candidate here on the Fairbanks ballots:  Paul 
  He finished last.
  Indeed, surpassing even the last performance of the party when they 
dropped from their 1990 high of 39% of the vote to their 1994 basement 
13% of the vote, we now see them seeking subterranean levels as their 
sole candidate on the entire ballot received *barely* 11% of the vote!
  Right here!  In the Interior!  Just about 15 miles from Lynette and 
Dexter Clarke, the penultimate-Grand Poobahs of Das Partie!
  I tell ya, folks...I love to watch "Rocky and Bullwinkle", "Monty 
Python", "The 3 Stooges", the "Little Rascals", etc.  But when the AIP 
finally dwindles/splinters/transmogrifies into its final bit of light and 
then that little glimmer goes out....I will have lost one of my greatest 
sources of amusement Alaska has ever offered me.
 .....Art, who will just have to watch more 3 Stooges and see if he can 
tell which one is Joe...

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Robert Hettinga ([email protected])
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