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More child pornography nonsense

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>   STOCKHOLM, Sweden (Aug 31, 1996 00:11 a.m. EDT) - Police across Europe
>   widened their net Friday to track down a pedophile network which is
>   spreading increasingly to the hard-to-detect Internet, while at an
>   international conference, Southeast Asia was cast as a major
>   destination for child sex tourists.
>   At the World Congress Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of
>   Children, which has attracted over 1,000 delegates to Stockholm from
>   130 countries, campaigners outlined measures to crack down on
>   pedophiles' use of the Internet.
>   Norway's ombudsman for children, Trond Waage, said to date there was
>   very little action that could be taken to stop the distribution of
>   child pornography on the Internet.
>   But he said the establishment last week of an international body to
>   monitor child pornography on the net, a task taken on by the Norwegian
>   branch of Save the Children, was firm action against pedophiles using
>   the net.
>   "This is a kind of a cybercop," Waage told reporters.
>   "We need some visible cops on the net. If you undertake these kinds of
>   criminal activities someone will monitor you."
>   Save the Children will try to monitor any child pornography on the
>   Internet and is encouraging other net surfers to pass on information
>   that will be handed to the police.

	Want to bet how fast they'll be mail-bombed? Cops on the net are _not_
popular, no matter what they're doing. This fact is especially true when
there's no actual harm taking place (unlike, say, spamming) - the harm has
_already_ taken place by the time the material is on the Internet. Should we
ban films with violence because they _might_ be snuff films?