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Passive Trojan (was:Re: HAZ-MAT virus)

This has been done in the past using several vairants (but not in a image 

The key to the success is that the application in question has to be 
compromised to respond to these codes, either by design or by hacking. 
Either way the individual responsible must modify the execution 
mechanism, not just the data itself.

Let's see -current examples of computing items with this kind of a 
"feature"... magic cookies, macros, OLE, DDE, MS Objects, JAVA, and the 
list keeps growing.

On Mon, 2 Sep 1996, Jason Wong wrote:

> Actually , THINK about it, it does makes a interesting idea for a trojan
> horse doesn't it ? I mean, just get a solid graphic program, insert codes
> into it so that when certain conditions, i.e. a particular gif or jpg file
> is view, print, etc, the trojan activates !! 
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