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Re: Too few nymservers

> [snip]
> > There has to be more crypto anonymizing aliasing remailers and with 
> > easier interfaces.  Closing the Kleinpaste derived server will help 
> > put the pressure of demand to start better remailer systems.  
> > There's not enough capacity and reliability with the servers extant.
> > There should be thousands of full featured remailers.
> Exactly.  Sometimes *all* the nymservers are down at the same time.

Well, I just designed a nymserver that's probably more complicated and
difficult to use than any previous one.  From this experience, I have
concluded that if you want to design a remailer with real security (as
opposed to a penet-style server), it just won't be easy to use that
remailer manually.  Even alpha.c2.org was kind of a pain to use
manually.  I therefore think in the long run it's better to bite the
bullet, write as secure a nym server as possible, and expect that
people will use special client software to use the remailer.

Incidentally, if anyone else wants to run another nym.alias.net-style
remailer, the code is available and I'd be glad to help anyone set
things up if that person is serious about running a nymserver.