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The Esther Dyson Flap

I don't quite understand the position taken by Mr. Assange and Mr. Unicorn
regarding recent statements attributed to Ms. Dyson.  I would appreciate
some additional insight.

It appears as though they are both critical of statements (taken out of
context according to Dyson) because of her position with the EFF.  It
appears that they both believe that she has no right to her opinion if it is
contradictory to the policy of the EFF.  

If such an EFF policy exists, and if Dyson is of a different opinion, the
fact that she holds office in an organization with which she is not in total
agreement should not count against her.  In fact, it is to her credit that
she has the courage to speak her mind, considering that hers is an elected
position.  She has something to lose by speaking her mind publicly.  Mr.
Unicorn remains anonymous, thereby mitigating repercussions which might
otherwise accrue to him as a result of the expression of his opinion.

I agree with Mr. Unicorn that the EFF should state its position
unequivocally.  I do not agree that officers or staff of EFF should not be
allowed to disagree with that position, if in fact they do.  In the case of
Ms. Dyson, how can we know whether she agrees or disagrees with a
non-existant policy?  She has, evidently, spoken her mind.  Isn't that what
freedom of speech allows?  Imagine, if you will, where we would be right now
if all elected representatives were censured for disagreeing with stated
government policy.  That ability is what makes this country great - and,
what you both seem to be saying you stand for.  Is your position solid only
if everyone agrees with you and you them?  Whatever happened to "defending
to the death your right to say it"?

Pouncing on someone, without knowing all the facts, who is vulnerable
because of their position smacks of dirty politics - it is distasteful.  Why
not ask for the facts from the source?  Then state your opinions or make
your threats about not contributing financially.

In keeping with the message, you have the right to take a cheap shot.  I'd
just like some insight into your thinking.

Chuck Thompson