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Re: DON'T Nuke Singapore Back into the Stone Age

On Sep 2,  7:06, James Seng wrote:
> Subject: Re: DON'T Nuke Singapore Back into the Stone Age
> On Sat, 31 Aug 1996, Timothy C. May wrote:
> > The point is to make clear to them that the Usenet and similar Web sites
> > are global in nature, not subject to censorship without a very high local
> > cost. If discussions of Lee Kwan Yew's dynasty are considered illegal, then
> > Singaporans will have to choose not to carry the various newsgroups into
> > which *I* post such messages!
> Just let to add my comment in regard to this unforuntate discusssion.
> To understand the sitution better, you should not impose America 
> idealogy and perspection on how things to be done to Singapore. Singapore 
> maybe young but there are certain culture too.

Let me see, our "American idealogy" is blinding us to the wonderful 
government of Singapore which jails and tortures its citizens for 
expressing political views which might call the government of 
Singapore into question.

Check out, for example, this interview with the former Solicitor
General of Singapore.


Nothing earth shattering at this URL - just what we all expect from a 
police state. 

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