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Re: Encourage Singapore To Come Out Of the Stone Age

Ah yes, why don't we just destroy ALL culture, our way is ALWAYS better 
ISN'T it?  And those rainforest schmucks, what do THEY know... Screw 
those Africans who live simple lives, and fuck all the people who have 
dinner at 9 pm too while we're at it.

Let's just all assimilate and live happily ever after.

In the meantime, I'm trying to colonize a new planet.


:: while :
   echo 'you will be assimilated'\n

[email protected]

PS: In case you didn't figure this out, I am VERY against people telling 
other people how to live.  "Sure it's okay if you want your freedom, as 
long as you live like us..."  -- some list on privacy guys. Next, 
everyone will have to wear the same underwear sizes and speak the same 
language (hint: ENglish is NOT the most spoken language in the world.)