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Re: SCO giving free licenses to UNIX OpenServer


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To: [email protected], [email protected]
Date: Mon Sep 02 23:01:35 1996
> > 
> > I doubt it.  People don't use Microsoft products because
> > of their quality or functionality.
> Errmm.. hate to disappoint but SCO UNIX started life as Xenix which
> was written by Microsoft in the dark ages. 

Concur.  Microsoft products are used not necessarily because of
quality or functionality (which are often dubious, but
very occasionally present), but because of user interface and/or
market share.

> Today Linux probably represents the future of the UNIX familly, it
> allows people who want to hack at the OS level access to the sources
> of a fully functioning OS. This allows people to add in new kernel
> features, schedulers and other exotica without having to write a
> whole new O/S.

I still like FreeBSD.  Similar functionality, similar availability-
of-source, but very slightly easier to install/run/manage/play with.
Similarly free.

(FreeBSD was able to find my modem, something I couldn't get Linux
to do after most of an hour.  Of course I'm a *nix novice for the
most part.)

> Just don't confuse it with "home computing", this is geek computing
> and you better have a lot of interest in computing to use it. Home
> computing is the market for users who need a system thats simpler
> than a VCR or they can't use it. At one time that meant Apple, today
> it means Microsoft, it will never mean Linux - not unless someone
> can make Linux much much simpler than it is at present and provide
> decent WISIWIG tools such as editors etc. designed for use by aunt
> Ethel.

I'm not sure about that... X-Windows seems to have a decent interface,
runs on Linux, hell, most any *nix you care to name, and has some
decent editors available.  (Or, there's always emacs, but aunt
Ethel might not grok emacs too well.  I don't :)

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