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Re: Whistleblowing on the Internet

Geoffrey Gussis wrote:
>| Overall, I am quite surprised that there isn't a whistleblowing
>| clearinghouse on the Internet; a site sponsored by a non-profit that lists
>| email addresses and secure forms for sending anonymized email to those
>| areas of the public and private sector that deal with whistleblowing. 

Alt.whistleblowing was started a while ago, and was probably
pretty quiet (not that I've read it in years.)  Of the 5 articles there today,
one is from Geoffrey Gussis, one is a reply, one has an EPA phone number,
one is test, and one is spam.  The reply said
#> See www.taf.org on the net.
#> See www.whistleblowers.com on the net
#> In a few weeks, our site will be up, and we are also 
#> involved in bringing false claims act or whistleblower 
#> lawsuits.  We have one under seal, and three more pending.

>	Such a clearinghouse is what we call a fat target; something
>likely to attract attention since wiretapping it could be very useful
>to an organization that worried about having a whistleblower.

That kind of wiretapping we can deal with.    Forging Usenet headers
was easy enough even without anonymous remailers, and chaining
encrypted messages through remailers should be adequate, even
without the huge mix volume of anon.penet.fi.

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