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Re: FWD: Another try to kill democracy

On Sep 02, 1996 21:53:42, 'SPG <[email protected]>' wrote: 
>As student history I can name several people also labelled 'terrorist'
>by a government, who were not. 'Terrorist' is the name opressive and 
>undemocratic Junta's use for their opposition. 
>From the US journal "Foreign Affairs," Sep/Oct, 1996: 
   Postmodern Terrorism 
   Since 1900, terrorists' motivation, strategy, and weapons 
   have changed to some extent. The anarchists and the 
   left-wing terrorist groups that succeeded them, down 
   through the Red Armies that operated in Germany, Italy, 
   and Japan in the 1970s, have vanished; if anything, the 
   initiative has passed to the extreme right. 
   Governments and media in other countries do not 
   wish to offend terrorists by calling them terrorists. The 
   French and British press would not dream of referring to 
   their countries' native terrorists by any other name but 
   call terrorists in other nations militants, activists, 
   national liberation fighters, or even "gun persons." 
For the full 30kb essay see:  http://jya.com/pothot.txt