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Re: Los Angeles Times article on Helsingius and anon.penet.fi

At 10:09 PM 9/2/96, Stanton McCandlish wrote:
>Also questionably relevant for an issue like this (more relevant perhaps
>to intellectual property issues, etc.)  The political axis most relevant
>here is civil libertarian v. authoritarian.  I don't think you'll find
>any authoritarians on the EFF board or staff.

A civil libertarian would not be speaking about limiting forms of speech to
those that are traceable. Anonymous messages are consistent with the First
Amendment. Calls for restrictions on anonymity are not consistent with a
civil liberties orientation.

(As I described in a much longer message earlier today, I can only hope
Esther Dyson simply hasn't thought enough about this issue, and about the
implications of her calls for "responsible freedom.")

--Tim May

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