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The Vincennes shootdown

FACT #1 The U.S.S. Vincennes was under attack by gunboats of Iraq's
        Republican guard at the time of the unfortunate incident.
        (All bets are off)

FACT #2 Intelligence believed the Republicican guard had it's own 
       version of the "Kamikazi."

Fact #3 If I was still a sneaky-ass airwarrior given the mission to 
        take out a vastly superior vehicle like an Aegis class    
        cruiser I would do one of the following:
        a) set my transponder to the I.D. of a commercial jet, and 
           do my best to fly like it's profile.
        b) turn my transponder off and "ride tail" (stay directly 
           under and behind the commercial jet, hiding in it's    
           radar sig) till I was within range.