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Re: [NOISE] The Doors

At 07:36 PM 9/3/96 +0000, you wrote:
>The Doors was not only about freedom and love, but about crypto too!
>Notice these lines from the song "Five to One"
>Old [cipher] gets old and young get stronger
>May take a week baby, may take longer [to crack]

Actually, I think the line reads "They take our week, and make it longer."
(There's a line a little later that goes "Trading your hours for a handful
of dimes.")

>they've [clinton] got the guns and we've got the numbers
>gonna win we will take 'em over, com'on.

Slightly left of topic, but it is a great song! :)

Someone ought to compile a "Best of Crypto-references in pop culture" file.
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