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Re: {Rich Graves Only} Enclosed

[email protected] (Dave Harman OBC) writes:
> Since you know that is Dr. D, why did you blame the harassment of
> Ingrid on Rev. Ron?!?????  It looks like you did it to pin it on the doct=
> or,
> or more likely, you saw the opportunity to harass Rev. Ron, even
> after you feigned praise of him!  It's the same damned header, IDJIT.
> Of course, I never saw the headers for the unidentified harasser to
> the Zgrams list, was that the same header, too?  It looks like you did
> it or you know who did it and you want to compound harassment on to
> nswpp!  How Gravesian!  Is Dr. D your friend your talking about?  Dr.
> D, defect, defect!  He's a jerk, jerk!

Rich Graves is no friend of mine. He's a liar and a forger, as is Ron Newman.


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