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GAR [was:Re: What is the EFF doing exactly?]


Tim May wrote:


>The reason this is such a hot button for Cypherpunks is that "responsible
>freedom" and "accountability" are often code words for controlling some
>very basic freedoms. Placing limits on anonymous speech would involve some
>very fundamental restrictions on freedoms of various sorts. Even if
>"safeguards" are built-in, the effect would almost certainly be to
>illegalize remailers (unless they had "escrow" features!).

Again, and as Tim is aware, this is not the true meaning of the fine
old word "escrow," which as we all know involves neutral, trusted
third parties. I think that this requires a new term, so I am now
proposing one: "GAR -- Government Access to Remailers." In real life,
the gar is a fish that lives in great numbers in the Everglades, just
west of where I type. They can grow to a very large size. The fossil
record indicates that this species has been around, unchanged, since
dinosaur times. Keeping the Pinnochio tale in mind, I find it quite
fitting that the gar has a *very* long nose in relation to its body.

>And a wide array
>of other freedoms, too numerous for me to write about here.


Regards, Jim Ray -- DNRC Minister of Encryption Advocacy

"Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin
 by subduing the freeness of speech." -- Benjamin Franklin

"As govt.s grow arithmetically, corruption grows exponentially."
 -- Ray's Law of official corruption.

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