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RE: rc2 export limits..

RC2 uses a effective key size, so is it ok to use a key of 128 bits size
with a 40 bits effective key size for export.


>From: 	Simon Spero[SMTP:[email protected]]
>Sent: 	Tuesday, September 03, 1996 8:33 PM
>To: 	Surya Koneru
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>Subject: 	Re: rc2 export limits..
>It's the usual - if you want commercial jurisdiction, 
>	40 bits unescrowed
>	64 bits (16 escrowed) 
>Above that, you'll have to go through state on a per customer basis 
>(which I don't think is that easy to get if software is being shipped 
>outside the US, and is definitely going to be expensive.)
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