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Re: Mail OnNet

At 09:06 AM 9/4/96 -0700, Alan Olsen wrote:
>At 05:10 PM 8/31/96 -0700, Joel McNamara wrote:
>>Two notes.  (1) It only runs under Win95 and NT.  (2) It's ITAR restricted.
>(3) It is bigger than a battleship.  The distribution is just shy of 10
>megs.  Installed it is supposed to be about 45 megs.  (In perspective, a
>full install of Visual Basic 4.0 "Professional" is about 50 megs.) 

The install is only 5MBs. Part of that 10MB package is a silly collection of
netscape plugins which don't have to be installed. I guess they could be
nice if I tried them.

It also only works on NT4 regardless of what the web page says.

With it's ability to run a program on receiving an email based upon filter
criteria the possibilities are endless. (I know I know old hat for unix but
so whiz bang for NTnoids like me.)