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Re: How to send bogus mail to mislead traffic analysis?

an anonymous squirrel wrote:
>  How can I send messages to remailer so that they will get
>  lost? I want to generate a more or less steady flow of
>  remailer-processed, encrypted mail.

The single best way to generate a steady flow of encrypted  
remailer-processed mail for the purpose of disguising your own personal  
remail is to operate a publicly accessible remailer from your own account.   
This offers many advantages:

1. encrypted remail is (more or less, depending on traffic) constantly  
flowing from your account:  the addition of your own remail traffic will not  
raise any more flags.

2. there is always at least one remailer in your chain you can trust: yours.  
 This means you never have to worry about compromised remailers.

3. if your mailings are traced back to your account, operating a remailer  
gives you more 'plausible deniability' than if you weren't...

4. if remailers start charging for service, you not only would continue to  
enjoy free remailing, but you could possibly make money...

5. you aren't likely to get blacklisted from your own remailer...

6. you get to read the complaints generated by your own messages  (is this  
the cyberspatial equivalent to "doing it just to see their expression"  

7. you could get your picture on the front-page of a British tabloid...

...to name a few....