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Re: Tack of Internet censorship

>[email protected] wrote:
>Six months ago, the Internet censors and Exon wannabees took the
>tack of "the Internet is too hard to censor".
>Now, their motto is "There will be some who get around our
>censorship, but we will try anyway."
>Unfortunately, I believe these censorship strikes will
>keep happening unless we find a way to stalemate them.
>What I am proposing is that Apache or other WWW servers
>have a way to allow access to site B's URL at site A,
>similar to the old trick of finger [email protected]@siteb.com.
>Implementation should be simple.  However, I wonder what
>is a good standard way to specify this in the URL or
>a site.

Whatever happened to Ray Cromwell's Decense
<http://www.clark.net/pub/rjc/decense.html> project ?  Decense, "a cgi
script designed to provide a double-blind pseudonym scheme which allows a
site to hide
behind a chain of http servers which 'proxy' for it. Neither the user [ID]
requesting the document, nor the ultimate address of the destination web
site is immediately available to prying government eyes.

-- Steve

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